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Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone was the second stop of our post-graduation national park tour. We spent three days exploring what is one of America's most popular parks and we were not disappointed. Jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring sights awaited us around every corner, especially a random hike that led us to a sweeping vista of the Great Canyon of the Yellowstone.


On a particularly cloudy day, we began a hike around Hayden Valley and watched carefully as a very dark front of storm clouds lingered on the horizon. After 30 minutes it became clear the storm front was both nasty and headed directly toward us. We decided to go back. As we raced against time, we saw a line of bison would directly intersect us; a dangerous proposition. We proceeded carefully and just as expected, the bison walked across us - slowly - only ten to fifteen feet away. We had no idea how they'd react and we moved as slowly as they did, noticing the lead bison kept a watchful eye on us for any sudden movement. Once the herd cleared, we sprinted to the car and ducked inside with a minute to spare before the heavens opened and drenched the meadow.

We recount those experiences to this day. Click on any image to begin re-living the adventure with us!

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