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West Wing Bowling - September 2015


This was less of an adventure and more a special occasion. The basement of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (the large structure to the west of the White House) houses the bowling lanes Harry Truman installed in the White House during the 1952 renovation. Upgraded lanes led to these being moved moved next door and government employees can register to reserve the lanes and host some friends.

So tonight Ray Ray and I rolled when some of the most powerful of American leaders picked up spares over foreign policy and domestic issues. Or not. One never really knows about these things. We decided to use this special setting for our annual Christmas card. You know. The stuff that matters.

But no matter. It was a unique experience for us and an opportunity to peak at a building that was once home to the State and War Departments (the latter would go on to become the Department of Defense.) It is a gilded space the likes of which they simply don't make anymore.

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