As part of Ray Ray’s 30th birthday gift I bought us tickets to see Hamilton. As you’d imagine, it cost me a small fortune. And as you might imagine, it was completely worth it!

In the room where it happens!

I had been sitting on that secret for months, the tickets burning a hole in my pocket to the point of smelling the smoke on Broadway. In the days leading up to the surprise I convinced Ray Ray we were going to see a comedy show of some sort. We “casually” walked by the Richard Rogers theatre and when she saw the marquee, I handed her the ticket and the rest, as they say, is American history.

The play itself is nothing short of a marvel as far as plays go. The set, the music, the lyrics, lighting – every element of the show is captivating. For those reasons alone, everyone should see this show. But obviously – and largely why it is the zeitgeist right now – is its subject matter and the manner in which it is portrayed. It squeezes the covering of a piece of American history through a 2-hour time warp in which you see the battles of 18th century political life on this continent are not entirely different more than 200 years on.

That the cast, composed of a wide range of ethnicities, uses modern devices to relay historical accomplishments while modern civic leaders (a more diverse group than it once was) continue that tradition, adds extra relevance and reason for deeper thought and inspiration. The entire experience quickly brings into focus that, for all the progress we’ve made as a nation, America is as tenuous and fragile an experiment as ever.

And the songs get stuck in your head for days. But they’re phenomenal songs, so it’s alright.

I can’t really give anything away. Anyone who paid an ounce of attention to a history class knows the chain of events and how things end for the play’s namesake. And Lord knows there are mountains of media coverage you can run to for more. Suffice it to say, when the opportunity presents itself, I implore you to see this show. But also make it meaningful, though the cost itself may do that. But I can attest they will be among your most well-spent Hamiltons, Jacksons, Grants, and Benjamins. See it with a loved one for a reason, its significance will stay with you far longer than you’d expect. You’ll not only come away with a story you’ll refer to time and again, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for theatre, the American experiment, the global financial system, education, rap and hip-hop, our system of checks and balances, the art of compromise, and the power of the written word.



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