Date Night: NPR's Annual Jazz Piano Christmas

Back in 2009, Ray Ray and I attended an NPR-hosted Christmas concert at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. It was a big deal for us as students. Exams were just around the corner and, equally important, the tickets were pricey.

I thought the event was a one-off, but recently discovered it's a yearly event. In fact, this year's concert marked the twentieth such performance. So, when we heard an ad for this year's concert, we jumped at a chance for a fun date night. Yes, for people without the daily (hourly) demands of parenthood, every night is essentially date night. But you get the idea.

The concert, held at one of the Kennedy Center's more intimate stages (its Terrace Theatre, I believe) was a wonderfully cozy space for some holiday cheer. NPR broadcasted the performance last night, but the event was actually recorded a few days ago. In fact, there were two concerts and the final product is a blend of the two and the live show includes a few laughs and side moments left out of the final product.

The performers in a round robin session at the show's end. (Source: NPR)

Here is a link to the show so you can listen along. It goes great with gift wrapping, last-minute online shopping, or just relaxing with some eggnog at the end of a long day. Tune in and enjoy!




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