Date Night: NPR's Annual Jazz Piano Christmas, 2016

Another Christmas, another opportunity to take in some holiday music. As is becoming our custom, at least for as long as we are in DC, we bundled up and mead our way to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for the annual NPR Jazz Piano Christmas.

A husband and wife, a father and daughter, and lots of hoiday love. (Source: NPR)
Us, in the Kennedy Center Hall of States.

This year's concert had a family theme to it. Two of the four pianists were married, the other two were father and daughter. They each played solo, and together. It was lovely and we were fortunate to be there. And this year, we actually snapped a quick picture to prove we were actually there!

So, if you are looking for some great accompaniment to whatever holiday task you may be undertaking this weekend, click the link here and fill the air with some great holiday music - and a lotta love!




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